Sometimes in order to go forward, you must first take a step back.
Growing up, I always thought my dream was to be the next great Hollywood director; writing motivational characters, creating stunning compositions, and telling stories that sparked wonder. It seemed like an appropriate dream given my BA in Communications and Film from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, but eventually, it felt kinda meh. I yearned for something more scientific and challenging, something aesthetically driven, but also something that I felt could move people.
I took a step back, contemplated my values, and then it hit me. Although I had always loved sneakers (I went to Catholic grade school where uniforms were required and creativity was limited to what you had on your feet), it took until college for me to articulate my true passion for design.
When I stumbled upon Virgil Abloh’s collaboration with Nike in his now famous “The Ten” Collection, I rediscovered my sense of play and creativity through an industry built upon innovation. 
In his collection, I fell in love with the harmony of form and function, I fell in love with the idea that someone could graduate from UW-Madison and become a cultural icon, but most of all, I fell in love with the essence of footwear itself.
I realized that footwear teaches us that in order to climb a mountain and see the awesome view at its peak, we first need the proper gear: if we want to achieve our dreams, we need to equip ourselves with correct disciplines and a strong foundation.
Since then, I can't get enough. Footwear design calls to my passions for human-centric design, the sweet science of utilizing intricate details, and also the journey of creating a visual story with color, material, and collaboration. Above all, footwear also propels the wearer forward, both literally and mentally. Your feet are your foundation.
Everyone wants to feel inspired as they take their next step forward, and I believe that my pursuit in footwear design degree will help others rediscover their sense of wonder and purpose.
My specialties include CMF design, creating tech packs, sketching, rendering, and trend research, and my arsenal is stocked with proficiency in Adobe Illustrator, Rhino, and Procreate.
At WEYCO Group, I started my journey as a Footwear Design Intern, and now at the University of Oregon, I hope to learn and grow in my design literacy!
I love reading fantasy novels, lifting weights, watching A24 movies, and singing at my local church.
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